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Voiture 99 is committed to charitable and patriotic aims. Our purpose is to uphold and defend the United States Constitution. To promote the well being of veterans and their widows and orphans, and to actively participate in selected charitable endeavors, which include programs that promote child welfare and nurse's training.

104th Infantry Division Association
This web site is intended to accurately portray and preserve the World War II history of the 104th Infantry Division, and to recognize the contribution of the 34,000 men who proudly wore the Timberwolf shoulder insignia. It also seeks to honor the memory of those gallant men who perished in battle, as well as those who were wounded in action. Finally, it hopes to rekindle the spirit of patriotism manifested in love of country and respect for its flag and institutions.

104th Infantry Division National Timberwolf Pups Association
The National Timberwolf Association is revered by all of the sons and daughters of the soldiers of the Division. These Timberwolf "Pups" share a bond with deep roots and its membership has a vitality that together compels continuing the tradition of honoring the soldiers of the 104th Infantry Division and celebrating their accomplishments. It will be this Association's mission to ensure that future generations have an organization that is dedicated to keeping this important history alive and to honor its fallen.

Buffalo Soldiers of Portland Oregon 
African Americans served in the American military, starting in the American Revolution.  During the Civil War, the United States government recruited African Americans to fight for the Union.  This tradition continued after the Civil War, where these soldiers serving in segregated units became nicknamed Buffalo Soldiers.  In the years leading up to the end of segregation in the U.S. military, the Buffalo Soldiers gained a reputation of serving with distinction and honor.  Today there are Buffalo Soldier organizations across the United States continuing the original ideal of public service.  This is the website of the Portland chapter.

Clark County Historical Museum
The Clark 3County Historical Society (CCHS) was established in 1917. The original charge of the organization was to assist in the preservation of historic. During this time the CCHS began its collection of historical artifacts of significance to the people of Clark County. Since most small US museums did not get started and are based on collections not started until after World War II, the quality of the CCHS collection is unusually high. The CCHS is the governing body for the Clark County Historical Museum (CCHM) which has operated museum programs in Vancouver’s 1909 Carnegie Library since 1964.

Community Military Appreciation Committee (CMAC)
CMAC shall execute and plan community-wide events such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day, POW/MIA Day and recognition/support of military families of all services. It is an inclusive committee composed of civic education, veteran and business partners. CMAC is all inclusive, composed of members representing youth, education, civic, military, veterans groups, and local governments.

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum
Founded in the memory of Captain Michael King Smith, our exhibits celebrate the lives of innovators, pilots, and veterans who courageously pioneered flight in these remarkable machines. Plan a visit and learn more about the museum as you immerse yourself in history with our ever-expanding attractions and amenities

Fort Lewis Museum
The Fort Lewis Military Museum collects, preserves, displays and interprets artifacts relevant to the history of Fort Lewis and the units which have served there. The Museum also strives to foster an appreciation for the role that the United States Army played in the exploration, settlement and defense of the Pacific Northwest. The Museum features an outstanding collection of uniforms, weapons, military art and memorabilia associated with Fort Lewis and the United States Army.

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
"Grand Emporium of the West" Explore the lands and structures at the center of fur trade and military history in the Pacific Northwest. Learn about the diverse cultures who lived and worked here. Enjoy relaxing trails along the Columbia River and Village. Experience costumed programs, hands-on education activities, engaging living history events, creative media and a world-class archaeology collection. Connect to the past.

National Timberwolf Pups Association
Association of the grateful Sons, Daughters, Families and dear Friends of the World War II Veterans of the 104th Infantry Division, U.S Army

Oregon History Museum
As the steward of Oregon’s history, the Oregon Historical Society educates, informs, and engages the public through collecting, preserving, and interpreting the past . . . in other words, Oregon history matters.

Oregon Military Museum
We hope to preserve forever the memory, sacrifice, and devotion to duty of those Oregonians who have served in any branch of the armed forces of the United States, whether in the National Guard, or active or reserve components.

Pearson Air Museum
Air Museum at Fort Vancouver National Site is an opportunity to experience the "Golden Age of Aviation." When you enter the museum you enter a world of wild barnstormers, experimental aircraft, and aces of World War I and II. At the museum, you will learn about the inception of aviation - when flying was new to the world and those who flew in open cockpit aircraft, with the wind in their faces, were the ultimate daredevils! 

Tillamook Air Museum
The Tillamook Air Museum, one of the worlds premiere air museums, is currently seeking donations to add to its growing collection of vintage warbirds and wartime memorabilia. We are particularly interested in items in and around the WWII era.

Veteran’s Memorial Museum
Our mission is to honor, and perpetuate the memory of the service men and women who have served in our nation's armed forces down through the history of our country during peacetime or war. The mission of the museum began over a decade ago with the goal of making sure that our veterans "Shall Not Be Forgotten".

Washington State History Museum
The Washington State History Museum is where fascination and FUN come together! People of all ages can explore and be entertained in an environment where characters from Washington's past speak about their lives. Through interactive exhibits, theatrical storytelling, high-tech displays and dramatic artifacts, learn about our state's unique people and places, as well as their impact on the country and the world.