Military History Conference in Vancouver

May 3 - 7, 2017

As many people from Vancouver know, the Vancouver Barracks was established in 1849, when Washington and Oregon were the Old West; this was a generation before people called Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado the Old West.  It was part of the proving ground for lieutenants to become generals in the Civil War.  The Vancouver Barracks were the jumping off point for soldiers headed across the Pacific during the Spanish American War and afterward.  It was the training ground for soldiers heading to fight, milling spruce wood during World War I.  In World War II, the Vancouver Barracks was a training center and transshipment point for all services, fighting in World War II.

Unfortunately, many people outside of the Pacific Northwest are unaware of our military heritage and history.  That will change in 2017.  From May 3 - 7, the Council on America's Military Past (CAMP) will hold their 51st Annual Military History Conference in Vancouver, Washington.  This conference is open to the public, as well as CAMP members. The VBMA are partners with CAMP, as well as many other  local military history preservation organizations.  In brief, 

Please follow this link in the figure below, to their website for full details of the conference itinerary.  Please check back as the conference date approaches.  There will be more information on attendance prices and changes to the itinerary.  The VBMA looks forward to everyone's attendance!

Link for more details


From their website:  The Council on America's Military Past, USA, Inc. (CAMP) is one of the leading national military history organizations dedicated to preserving, interpreting and sharing our military heritage.  Our purpose is to identify, memorialize, preserve and publicize America's military history including the structures and facilities used by our soldiers, the living conditions, customs and traditions of our men and women in uniform, and the progress and purpose of United States military organizations.